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Newindainews/International/  Nigeria is in ruins. It’s no news, a lot of people flock the street with steaming sockets, depressed minds, broken hearts, and yet! All smiles. Suffering and smiling better define the modern Nigerian.

We are just in a ditch we are still convenient to stumble in. We are not even trying to come out.

In a country where dogs are feeding dogs ,where pigs are ruling pigs, where monkeys serve monkeys.

Anticipating the haven in the hope the current president promised to renew. Well disappointment results from the track records so compelling. Negativity beacons the people of Nigeria.

Now, Nigeria streets mourn severe hunger. Every day and night Nigerians are in fear. Though the Constitution pledges free movement. Yet restrictions are everywhere.

With this hunger, many citizens has transited into kidnapper or bandit,why the young ones are into fraud,
Daily bread of youth nowadays is cyber crime.

According to Nigeria constitution cyber crime is an offense which is punishable with imprisonment.

The involvement of Nigeria citizens in cybercrime and internet fraud has tarnished the image of Nigeria as a country.

The bad governance in Nigeria has created much suffering for Nigerians. The wages or salary earned by citizens is not sufficient for daily consumption in talking of paying rent, things rise to the power of four as a bag of rice is now 70 thousand naira, the cheapest food before has turned to diamond, gari is now 120 naira per cup.
Naira currency has lost its value as 1 dollar is equivalent to 1,800, Nigeria is experiencing continuous and persistent inflation everyday, every hour and every minute.

And our government are chasing and blaming who are into fraudulent act
Are they supposed to blame?

In Nigeria bad news is all that we hear in all broadcasting media, surely there won’t be a day you will not hear about kidnappers, ritualists, or armed robbery, there is no adequate security in the state.
Citizens’ best friends are hunger and hardship still our government has not listened to our side of the story

The new government administration has no impact on the situation or poor position of Nigeria but a negative impact and hardship of citizens continue with full force

Prayer is not the drug or key to the problem of this country, it’s not that we offended God, it’s our people that are creating all these hardships.
Many citizens don’t want to serve their fatherland according to the national anthem.

Article By: Zulaiykah Abdulkareem
Nigeria Reporter

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