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Urja smart automation shakes hands with Leccy & Genesis (Germany), Expanding its automation portfolio

New Delhi [India], March 30 (ANI/NewsReach): The Indian market for smart home automation is witnessing rapid growth, and the introduction of new technology has enabled the sector to take leaps and bounds in the country. Urja Smart Automation Pvt. Ltd.’s Leccy & Genesis is a technology-driven loT company that has been pioneering smart home automation in India. Its commitment to cutting-edge technology and designs by German engineers has made it one of India’s most loved and valuable brands that provide smart appliances and business monitoring solutions.
Today, people want to control all aspects of their homes from door locks and video doorbells to smart switches, and this is where Leccy & Genesis comes in. The company creates products that allow individuals to control every part of their home with ease while being energy-efficient and stylish.
Leccy & Genesis introduces an innovative range of smart home security systems and devices that make life’s daily chores and routines seamless. Their products are hub independent and works with Alexa and Ok Google, designed to cater to Indian standards and built with the latest German technology making it a perfect combination for Indian customers.
One of the revolutionary products of this brand is the L&G WiFi Smart Switch Board that replaces the old switchboards and enables people to control all their electrical gadgets, electronics, and other appliances with a smartphone app or voice commands. This touch switch panel is designed to save energy by scheduling electrical appliances making homes more energy-efficient and convenient.
Leccy & Genesis also offers the L&G Smart Door Lock that can be accessed remotely from anywhere, making it easier to lock and unlock from a smartphone. This door lock is a secure and advanced technology that ensures complete safety for one’s home.
The company also offers the L&G Smart Video Doorbell, which is installed on the front doors of homes or businesses, enabling occupants to see and speak with visitors from a distance through a smartphone or other connected devices. It includes a camera, microphone, and speaker and can be connected to a home’s WiFi network and it endures all weather conditions.
Leccy & Genesis products are not only stylish and efficient but are also designed to be energy-efficient. Their products save energy by scheduling electrical appliances, making households more energy-efficient and convenient.
All Leccy & Genesis smart home devices are crafted to allow individuals to control all systems such as door locks, video doorbells, and smart switches. The products are designed to be as compact and convenient as possible, and the technology behind them remains entirely hidden.
With a simple voice command or touch panel, individuals can now manipulate their homes and control switches in seconds through smart touch switchboards. This cutting-edge device saves money, saves electricity, regains control over switches from a distance through an app, and uses energy sensibly with innovative technology.
Leccy & Genesis’s smart home devices are designed in such a way that it enables individuals to control all the systems whether it is with a home door lock, video doorbell, or smart switches. The technology behind smart home devices stays completely hidden, providing a seamless experience to the users. All products are tested for safety, dependability, and quality, making them the perfect solution for a modern-day household.

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